Hello, my name is Chelsea Yamase aka @chelseakauai.

Iā€™m a Hawaii-based creative traveling the world as an athlete, model, and writer. This blog is partially for you, but also very much for me. I wanted a space that was my own. Somewhere I could let my thoughts run wild and vulnerable and for that to be ok. I hope this sharing inspires you to draw closer to your passions - as it has me to mine - and to view the world as precious and connected rather than fierce or unfamiliar. 

This will be a place for stories; the slightly more raw, real, unpolished version of my travels and work. Even with all the beautiful photography of our generation I found myself growing restless. I missed the element of the journey, rather than just the epic moment. I missed hearing and sharing stories, the good parts and the bad, small moments we would never know about from a single photo on Instagram.

Above and beyond my need for self-expression and creativity I want this blog will be useful to you, a tool you can use for trip planning or inspiration.

For business inquiries, please reach out me here.